Get your votes in for Rina for the Handicapped pets calendar contest

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Hello Rina and I are looking for some help. It’s fun help we need your vote::: but first a little history.
Rina North Collier fire departments first k9 to excel in urban tracking, wilderness trailing, building searches, open area search and off leash obedience had to be retired from her duties as a search and rescue dog due to a devastating Canine disease.
Canine degenerative myelopathy.
Degenerative myelopathy, or DM, is a disease of the spinal cord in dogs. It typically occurs between the ages of 8 and 14. The disease begins with the loss of coordination in the hind limbs. Dogs with degenerative myelopathy wobble when they walk, they can knuckle over, or they can begin dragging their hind feet.
DM disrupts the normal communication pathways between the brain and spinal cord, causing loss of coordination and eventual paralysis.
Rina was blessed that a friend had a wheel chair for her to use and sent it to her as soon as she heard the horrifying news.
However Rina was didn’t realize she was in a wheelchair and therefore she kept rolling in the chair.
That’s when a wonderful company stepped in: handicapped pets they provided a means for Rina to get around, no more rolling in her chair. she continues to track and play with the other dogs as normal as can be.
NOW they are looking for calendar girls and boys
Rina made the top 128 final selection .
hopefully with your help Rina can be one of the calendar girls.
But the way they pick the calendar dogs ;; is by votes the top 13 pictures make it to the calendar.
The judges are you, pictures are picked by your votes so please vote for Rina
We need your help, vote for Rina and share her story.
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Please help Rina be a 2017 handicapped pet calendar Choice.
This is the picture we are hoping to get on the 2017 handicapped pets calendar.


Shepherds Helping Shepherds Fundraiser

Big Cypress German Shepherd Rescue located here Naples is having its 1st annual talent show fund raiser.

Please consider helping in any way you can,  We ask that you donate your time and assist us with the event, and share this with all your friends and family so we can have the best fund raiser ever.
Of course we need cash donations for the health care of the shepherds, we are also in need of raffle items and silent auction items also.
Every bit helps .
 Help make dreams come true, your Contributions will be used for the needed medical, physical and emotional care of the shepherds, facility upgrades  and maintenance Big Cypress German Shepherd Rescue. We  utilizes many unique therapies in rehabilitation of the rescues.
Please consider generously, the Shepherds will benefit greatly from your support.
Michelle Delaney, President 239-206-3647
1st annual shepherds helping shepherds
sponcers shepherds helping shepherds
Happy Halloween Dog Photos

Professional Halloween / Fall Pictures for your Pup

Shelzsmide K9’s would like to invite you and your furry babies to a photo shot. Your choice of background either Halloween theme, costume or no costumes. And/or a fall theme for Thanksgiving. You will get to pick your favorite shot/ shots. No sitting fee. 2 Fully Edited Digital Photos for $30.00. Professional Halloween and / or Fall pictures.

Thursday 22nd – 4:30 – 5:00 – 5:30 – 6:00 – 6:30
Friday 23rd 4:30 – 5:00 – 5:30 – 6:00 – 6:30
Saturday 24th. 4:30 – 5:00 – 5:30 – 6:00 – 6:30

Happy Halloween Dog Photos IMG956883 IMG956885 IMG956882

Tracking SW Florida Fox News

Fox News – North Naples FD employee trains dogs to help locate missing elderly

Michelle Delaney interviews with Fox News on how her trained Search and Rescue (SaR) dogs help save lives in SW Florida. Click here to watch the full video on Fox4News.

NORTH NAPLES, Fla.- Imagine your loved one is lost, vanished without a trace. Fears are high and time is of the essence. It is a harsh reality for many families in Southwest Florida. The North Naples Fire Department is using man’s best friend to reunite them.

“We have so many nursing homes that people just wander out and if somebody wanders out hopefully we can get a jump on that and bring them home quickly,” Lt. Michelle Delaney said.

With missing and endangered elderly cases reported in our area nearly every day, North Naples Fire engineer and acting Lieutenant Michelle Delaney decided to turn her hobby in to a life saving skill.

“Since I’m with the search and rescue department and with as much training as we’ve done with the tracking, it all just fit hand in hand. So people aren’t standing out on a street corner wondering where their loved ones are,” Lt. Delaney said.

Lt. Delaney said in a matter of minutes, her family of German Shepard’s can locate the lost and it all starts with a simple scent.
As you step you’ve got thousands of skin rafts that are falling off and it’s falling on to the ground getting stuck in the shrubs,” Lt. Delaney said.

“If we were out here on feet, we would have to do a grid search and we’d still be walking to find the location of the person. So in essence she found you in three minutes, we would still be by the road developing a plan,” Delaney said.

Lt. Delaney said the dogs have gone through years of training and different certifications. She said their services can be vital to Southwest Florida.

“It is a great feeling especially if we can bring someone home and it’s part of our job so it puts one more tool in our tool belt to help the community,” Lt. Delaney said.