Protection Dogs

In today’s society of increasing robberies, home invasions, car-jacking, kidnappings, and an array of many other violent crimes: ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS: Can I protect myself? My Family? My possessions?

My Answer is YES I CAN!

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With the crime rate on the rise in collier county and SW Florida, can you protect yourself from the elements? Do you think you are protected with your security alarm system, a hand gun, martial arts or mace? Think again. Each of these protection devices that are in place to protect you and your loved ones can be disarmed and disabled in a matter of seconds. Can you take your protection with you, in your vehicle, on vacation, to your children’s school? Not likely, Shelzsmide K9’S can provide an alternative, a highly trained personal protection dog that is willing to forge himself between you and the potential attacker, yet be a loyal, confident, loving, obedient, companion to you and your family.

Protection Dogs, protection dog training

A true peace of mind. At SHELZSMIDE K9’s we work with many breeds. We import, and train German Shepherds, Belgium Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, Giant Schnauzers, and Rottweiler’s. Our dogs have excellent temperaments, good hips and elbows; they are good with children and other animals. SHELZSMIDE K9’s will provide you and your family with around the clock protection and peace of mind.

Custom protection dogs for your needs, sold to individuals who demand the ultimate security for their families Prices varies depending on quality and level of training.