We’ll help you fine tune your dog for AKC, Schutzhund, or Search and Rescue Tracking.

AKC Tracking Titles

Pre-qualifier: You have to track in front of a judge and get signed off before you can enter a test.

TD track is the first of the AKC tracking titles it is equal to a Schutzhund 3 track in difficulty.

TD 440 to 500 yards long and is very free flowing in design. There is only one article located at the end of the track.

TDX  800 to 1,000 yards multiple terrain changes and over or through challenging obstacles. There are four articles in the track.

VST  600  – 800 yards minimum, aged at least three hours, but no more than five hours, three different surfaces, which shall include vegetation and two areas devoid of vegetation, such as concrete, asphalt, gravel, hard pan or mulch. The areas devoid of vegetation shall comprise at least one-third to one-half of the total length of the track.

Schutzhund/IPO Tracking

FPr1:  400 to 500 yards, two turns and two articles. The tracks are aged for 20 minutes. Laid by the handler.

FPr2:  600 yards,  two turns. The track is aged for at least 30 minutes, Laid by a stranger.

FPr3: 800 yards,  at least five legs, there is a cross track, aged 1 hour

FH1:  1,400 yards, has seven right angle turns, four articles on the track. Changes of terrain, tracks have cross tracks and are aged for at least three hours.

FH2: 2,000 to 3,000 yard, Like the AKC VST track there is to be a variety of terrain changes. One of the most difficult parts of the  FH 2 track is the lack of a defined starting point. The dog must find the starting article within the three-minute time limit to qualify for running the rest of the track. This track has a total of eight articles, two 30° angle turns, and a tight half-circle. There is a cross track  laid  30 minutes before the track is run.