Channel 7 Out & About South West Florida with Shelzsmide K9s

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  1. shelz
    shelz says:

    Channel 7 Out & About with SK9 Michelle Delaney where training is real world experience. Take what comes our way and work through it for the real training experience. Teach your dog a reliable recall. Make new friends, get lost in the woods so the search dogs can find you, or not, plan on laughing and learning a lot about dog and dog behavior. Any one can make your dog sit in a small environment controlled training room but is it reliable? come out and have fun with your dog with SK9. Where we deal with what is in the environment and use it to create a confident team. Its all about learning and having fun, no stress, no drama. leave it at the gate we are here to have fun with our dogs and learn. Sk9 makes it a positive training event for all dogs and handlers.
    Leaving for vacation look at the new boarding facility for all your kenneling needs.

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