Shelzsmide k9s Strives to be the best licensed and insured training, and boarding company in the industry. As Governor DeSantis has opened Florida into phase 3 we want to insure the safety of our furry friends as well as the owners/handlers, Therefore, with special,  careful deliberate considerations   we will remain, status quo,, continuing Puppy Pre K’s, day drop offs, board and trains and boot camps.  Your safety and our safety is number 1 priority, we will continue to follow the current and future cases  of Covid 19,  and make a determination based on the CDC reports of new cases,  When we will conduct group classes again. We will continue to ask you bring only the items necessary for the pups stay.   LESS IS BETTER: Bring your food bagged, enough for the stay. DO NOT BRING LARGE BAGS OR TUBS.  We will ask YOU to keep your leash and any non-essential items.
SHELZSMIDE K9’S bears no liability or responsibility if your dog shows signs of sickness linked to the coronavirus. If your dog is coughing or sneezing, talk with your veterinarian to find out the cause. This can include kennel cough and allergies.

Michelle Delaney Shelzsmide K9’s H.O.T. – Handler, Owner, Trainer APDT – Association of Professional Dog Trainers # 750978 CPDT – Certified Professional Dog Trainer AKC – American Kennel Club Evaluator #41986 ABCDT-L 2 Animal Behavior Certified Dog Trainer Level -2